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Pattern of Dissolution, 2017 // HD Vídeo-loop, 30 minutes (3 mins excerpt). Bretton Woods Agreement. Volumes I and II. (IMF, 1944) hand golden. Oil, coal and gold samples. Constant level tubes with oil, coal, and gold // Variable dimensions // Sound: Javier Lara


This installation sets the beginning of a project that explores materiality, memory, and landscape in dialogue with visible effects of exploitation of human and natural resources. The core of this artistic and academic research is based on three different models of black gold, which are emblematic of western development: oil, coal, and gold (metal), and its correspondent economic infrastructures of extraction, thanks to which flows of production of value and capital circulate globally dissolving any geographical border.


Images: Artium Museum (Vitoria, Spain) and Carrillo Gil Museum (Mexico City, Mexico)

Imágenes: Ramiro Cháves. Cortesía del Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. Ciudad de México y del Museo Artium de Vitoria, España.